Ariane Fairlie

is an artist based in Montreal. Originally from Toronto, she received her BFA from Concordia University in 2014.

Ariane's painting and drawing practice is an exploration of feminine experience, expression, and the body. It’s important to the artist to contribute a female perspective in depictions of women and feminine subjects. Derived from a broad collection of reference images sourced from erotic magazines to family photos, her work explores themes of sexuality, vulnerability, seduction, tenderness, exhibitionism, connection and dissociation through a feminist lense.

Incorporating the female gaze, feminized fantasies, and emotionality together with an atmospheric and emotive aesthetic, Ariane's work celebrates feminine empowerment by embracing, redefining, and deriving power from emotion and sexuality.


See Ariane's CV.

Personal writing on my research orbiting the content of my work can be found on my blog.