Ariane Fairlie

is an artist in Montreal. Originally from Toronto, she received her BFA from Concordia University in 2014.

Ariane evokes emotion and character through her 'Clothing Portraiture'. Intimate and surreal, her recent series of bathing suits is a celebration of pleasure, leisure, and the feminine form. The paintings and drawings, revealing and bold, strike an unashamed tone and exhibit a subtle sexuality. Void of a wearer, the clothing becomes animate, declaring itself a subject free for interpretation. 

Concerned with concepts of observation and realism, she enjoys the inconsistencies that are the result of translating three dimensions into two; They create a beautiful and dynamic realism, different from what can be accomplished with a two-dimensional reference image.

In the process of transforming the clothing from object to subject, Ariane's practice becomes one in empathy; a chance to explore and understand character and emotion through an inhuman form, as light brings to life the subject both there, and not there.


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