Ariane Fairlie

is an artist based in Montreal. Originally from Toronto, she received her BFA from Concordia University in 2014.


Artist Statement

My painting and drawing practice explores contemporary feminine experience and expression through figuration and portraiture. From erotic magazines to celebrity photographs, to personal photos of friends and family, I use a broad collection of reference images to inspire and explore tensions between themes of seduction, dejection, and aggression, using a feminist lens. I experiment with the implication of the artist, subject, and viewer in acts of looking or being seen, and the notion of seduction as a transformative tool.

 Iā€™m drawn to painting for the seductive quality of the material. Cropping is also integral to my process as means to change the composition of my reference images. This manipulation is a strategy to assert the female gaze and create a faltering sense of intimacy in my paintings.

 My feminism is, at its core, an unconditional love and reverence for women. Under patriarchy, emotionality is disproportionately a burden of women. I paint women because I relate to them through personal experience, but also because women in art have often been objects of sexual desire or conduits for emotional display, predominantly painted by men. The impetus for my work is to enrich figurative painting by depicting the complex depths of feminine experiences and perspectives.


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Personal writing on my research orbiting the content of my work can be found on my blog.