Stay Mad

Just a reminder that Brett Kavanaugh is a fucking liar.


Beyond withdrawing his nomination to the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh needs to be prosecuted for sexual assault and perjury for lying under oath.

Here's a succinct breakdown of his lies, and why each one matters.

I don't feel much hope for what evidence the FBI can unearth in a week, but I feel encouraged, at least, that the investigation has been opened to extend past the 4 witnesses they were originally restricted to - which, btw, did not include Ford herself, apparently.

If the GOP appoints Kavanaugh, it will be because of their total contempt for women, full stop. This is not a partisan issue, this is overt denial of basic human rights for women, overshadowed by the supreme privileges of a particular category of men.

Women are furious, and they should be.

There are many in support of Kavanaugh now complaining that the Democrats, women, and the #metoo movement have changed their tune, like this article in the National Review. They say that criticism of his conduct/temperament isn’t legitimate, because it’s natural that he should be angry.

*I’d just like to note that in this article, the writer, Rich Lowry, calls Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh’s testimonies “performances", which I think speaks to how he, and perhaps many others, perceive these proceedings.

I would say it’s accurate to call Kavanaugh’s testimony a performance, though, and his performance is the basis for his continued support in the face of Dr. Ford’s remarkable testimony. In the second sentence of that same article, the author states:

“After his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, delivered a compelling, sympathetic performance earlier in the day, Kavanaugh entered the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing with his chances hanging by a thread. Commentators speculated about how he’d inevitably be dumped by the GOP. Instead, he transformed his situation with a sustained exercise in righteous indignation as forceful and compelling, in its way, as Clarence Thomas’s attack on a “high-tech lynching” that saved his nomination in 1991.”

Things looked bad for Kavanaugh by Lowry’s own admission, until Kavanaugh’s transformative performance. So yeah, it matters if the whole thing is a fucking lie.

This entire process has been deeply wearing for women everywhere. At first, I was having trouble understanding why it affected me personally. It’s because, once again, women are lead to the slaughter in the battle for power. We are once again left powerless, even when we’re represented by a flawless champion who was able to remain composed and assured in the most vulnerable moment of her life. The tremendous privileges she has otherwise been afforded still cannot stand against this absolute entitlement and exemption from accountability. Have no doubt: if it were anyone but the pedigreed and unblemished Dr. Ford coming forward with these allegations, we wouldn’t even have gotten as far as we’ve come.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation would be a heavy blow to all women, most significantly for his position on abortion. In case you’re not certain, abortion rights are absolutely a feminist issue (I couldn’t link to bell hooks, whose writing informs my ideas on this topic, but this article is helpful in addressing the complex links between women’s rights, abortion, and white supremacy.)

Although Kavanaugh evades questioning on Roe vs Wade, it’s widely accepted that his would be the vote needed to make abortion illegal. Some of his supporters have even declared they would still support him if he was found guilty of sexual assault, provided he follows through.

Kavanaugh’s performance last Friday was a rallying cry, and its working because it spoke to the fears of all those who support him. The men who have enjoyed continued privileges throughout their life certainly don’t want to be held accountable for anything they’ve done in the past, or are doing now. That’s why they’ll fight for what Kavanaugh represents, their right to act with total impunity, and their unquestionable authority over women’s bodies.

We need to leverage our own anger. Women need to support each other, and demand support from others, particularly the men around us who claim to be allies. We need to focus our efforts to our most urgent and intersectional crises, and stand together.

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