Fire Rick Macarthur, Too!

It's literally laughable that Ian Buruma justified publishing Ghomeshi's essay because he "wasn't hearing a lot of those perspectives" when SURPRISE! Harper's Magazine published a 7000 word essay by John Hockenberry in the same week.

Incredible news tho - Buruma's been fired from the NYRB !!! because of his interview with Slate, which is an amazing win that demonstrates the power of the #metoo movement (imo).

Let's get Rick MacArthur (president and publisher of Harper's) fired for this total train wreck of an interview with Anna Maria Tremonti.

In his first sentence, he wants to “point out that John Hockenberry is in a wheelchair" Cause, you know, how could he be guilty of sexual harassment or assault? And it just gets worse from there.

Jesse Brown covers how some of this all ties together with Anne Kingston (of Maclean's) in the most recent Canadaland podcast. Worth a listen.

(It's not up on their website yet, so I linked to their apple podcast. It's the first one called 'Good Job Twitter Mob' which is in reference to the fact Buruma said in an interview that he was fired because of Twitter. LOL.)

Men who are so shockingly out of touch with urgent and contemporary issues - nevermind the fact they didn’t BOTHER to inform themselves of the nuances of the allegations against these men prior to releasing such sensitive and contentious material - should not be running prestigious, “progressive,” magazines.